Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm going to be very studious this week, since I skipped most of the last week. There is just the problem that I like already skipped a lecture. And I don't have school tomorrow nor Friday. So it's not actually much to do. But hey! There is a bigger possibility to success and actually participate in all the remaining lectures. School is hard. It's hard to get here, it's hard to stay there, and it's surprisingly hard to get out there.

I'm having problems with my online dictionary. My regular dictionary decided to fire itself, and it is no longer letting me in. And then I had this second one, but it is pretty much impossible (pure laziness) to reach when working on laptop. So I'm using whatever I can find. Mostly "Ilmainen Sanakirja". It's OK, but it is just not as comprehensive as I have used to have before.

I was really surprised today when I turned on TV. It was 20.30 and the channel was four. So it was time for 70's Show. I don't normally watch that even though I think it is quite funny and smart. Anyway. I almost immediately learned that Lindsay Lohan was quest starring it, and as pretty much everyone know, I happen to like her a lot. So it kind of made my day.

For a couple of days I have had this small sty (hordeolum) in my eye (this is not the reason why I got antibiotics). It was extremely painful but it is getting better. I gave it that warm cloth treatment today. It really worked and I know it will get better soon. I just wonder how I suddenly happen to have all these problems with my face. Yes, this is extremely interesting.

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