Thursday, August 31, 2006

We Are Plants

OK. Finally. School was pretty much from hell today. So boring, so useless. I just wanted to go home, but no. I get home about 16.20 pm or something. Then I make some noodles with vegetables to myself since I don't lunch at school and I was a bit hungry. It was a quite tasty meal after all. I usually eat noodles with the boiling water so it's more like a soup. That spiced water is really rich too, you know, fills your stomach with less calories.

Julia was sick today, so school was even more boring since I barely had anyone to talk to. I tried to company with some older students at my group but it was a bit weird. I noticed that some of them said "Juulia" and some, like me, said "Julia". I have always thought that those are different names and should pronounced as they are written. And "Juulia" sounds quite ugly but "Julia" is a pretty one. Anyway.

I cleaned our digs today. It was really messy so I finally decided to make it all very nice and clean. Or at least tidy if not clean.

I also did pilates for an hour again. I really love it. Everybody should try it. It's so damn addictive. I don't know about other pilates programs, but Winsor Pilates really is something. I have almost give up with jogging. It's just so hard to go out there when the weather is not nice and run and get really sweaty and puff and puff and do it all in public. Pilates is much nicer, more private, still hard and still effective. Yes, I can talk about pilates for hours.

Aleksi was a bit funny today. The light from our bathroom decided to go black. So we needed a new one. Since I was busy Aleksi decided to go to the shop alone. And you know... Men. He came back with a lamp that really fitted and so. But it was for plants and fish. And I recognized all this immediately when I saw the package. He didn't want to believe me when I said it's not suitable even though it fits. So he had to try it. And yes, it's was like neon violet. And he was like "how could I have known it was for plants". And I said "Well, because of the package got a picture of a plants and fish instead of happy people and because it also said it was named "Fluora" and it got a text which said that it "promotes healthy growth".