Saturday, February 02, 2008


I read some day old tabloid while we were waiting for our pizzas at Marhaba. There was this story about a father who though his son was being bullied at school and so he rushed to his son's class room and started to shout at the kids. And you know what the result was? They forbid him to come anywhere near the school again. And the teachers said that his son was not even bullied, that it was just what boys do.

Like wtf?

Ever since I survived trough my childhood hell I have read every single article about being bullied. And I'm waiting for the day they finally find a cure. But they're not able to find it as long as they keep belittling it. It's not like kids can do whatever they want to each other just because they're kids and therefore probably not (so) aware of the possible traumas they're causing. I just hate all these common excuses. Why can't the teachers take the responsibility? Why can't the parents be more aware? In all cases it should be taken seriously. In all cases there should be consequences. In all cases you have to make an end to it. Shouldn't that be like OBVIOUS?

But instead of actually doing something useful they write these stupid articles in which they belittle everything and make sure that the parents are aware that they're not even allowed to protect their children. Yeah. That's extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!

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