Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fruity loops and deadly grunts

I've been longing for an easier way to make music and now I got FL Studio 7. I don't know if I ever manage to get anything good out of it since so far it has only made me feel super frustrated. Yeah. It has a very simple user interface and stuff, but sometimes, too often actually, it's not logical. And I want logic when it comes to software! I don't want to waste time thinking "why on earth this is behaving like this, this makes no sense". Or maybe I should just watch few tutorials more on Youtube.

Since this is already music related post...

On Monday my boss complained how her teenage daughter is wearing all black and listening to Korn. I don't know why but I interfered the conversation by saying that in my opinion Korn is like easy listening. Need I say that they didn't exactly agree with me? Anyway. I just meant to say that she could be listening to even more extreme music. For God's sake, my friend Hannes is listening to Korn, and he also likes shit like Neljä Ruusua! So in my head those belong to the same category.

And I have found two cool bands!

OK. To be honest I have known Anathema for weeks now. I tried it out because it was supposed to be death metal. But I didn't read how they've changed their style to alternative rock since. So I got the wrong album considering what I was looking for, but to my surprise I really liked this one song called "A Natural Disaster". But it wasn't until now when I started to like the whole album. It's like soulful and a bit electric.

And the other band is death metal, melodic death metal, to be precise. It's called Intestine Baalism and it's the kind of metal music I love most. Definitely not easy listening but totally worth trying if you happen to like death grunts and superior guitar playing and stuff. It's just awesome. Though I'm not sure what the lyrics are about. I'm not sure if they even are "lyrics".

PS: How to Appreciate Death Metal.

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