Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm so going to be a star

I have started to do some experiments with my musical instruments. My main instrument is electric keyboard. I'm not as good with it as I should be since I have played it through my life. It's just that my parents were poor and they couldn't really afford my lessons. I took lessons for like two years but then my mother started to complain about the cost that I felt that I had to quit. She never said that I got to quit and I never said it was the reason I quit. Anyway. I also like to play recorder because it's so not cool. It has a little Hellogoodbye vibe going on.

So about my experiments then: I like to play stuff and then I record it with my phone. Yeah, the quality is really crappy but that's the only recording equipment I currently have in use. I used to have a little mic but it's just not cooperating with me anymore. And I always send my finished tracks to Hannes who's my biggest (and only) fan. Yeah. I'm obviously having my own fun.

Anyway. I've been thinking that now that I'm featured in I should probably record my debut album. It could be titled as "the crappiest shit Amoena has ever played and recorded" and it could be available here in my blog free of charge. The greatest idea ever?

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