Monday, February 25, 2008

Higher and higher

Yesterday I went for a walk with J.R. I would have asked him to come over but Aleksi was at home so it wasn't really an option. But I'm glad it turned out that way since the weather was absolutely terrific. It wasn't raining, it wasn't windy and it wasn't cold. Just perfect for a little walk.

Eventually we found our way to a very nice playground. And since I'm obsessed with playgrounds I suggested us to go swinging, and J.R. was cool with that. I think there is something extremely meditative in swinging. You just swing up and down and up and down. As the world was really just that simple for a moment. Why do adults stop swinging? It's like the most relaxing thing to do and it's totally free of charge. Though you have to find some good swings first. They're not all made for adults, you know.

And J.R. was very quiet as usually. I remember how there was a time when it made me feel a bit awkward but nowadays I think I have totally got used to it. I know that when I'm with him I can talk if I feel like talking, or I can stay silent like he does. I gotta value that.

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