Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to fake long hair?

Little while ago M. asked why I don't have my own picture as a display picture in MSN. I normally use my Lindsay Lohan avatars, which is pretty lame since I'm like 21 years old and stuff. Anyway. I checked out what display pictures I already had and there was one picture of me, which was really old, but it was still a picture of me so I used it.

And then I realized that my hair looked really long in the picture. I do have a long hair, indeed, but I still don't have that long hair and I have let it grow for years now.

I have been analyzing this picture and here is my best explanation: I have my ponytail a lot more on the other side of my head. It got to be it. Though I still don't know how it is possible that my hair reaches my shoulder like that. Anyway. If you want to fake the lenght of your hair, learn how to photoshop, get yourself a quality wig or, do like I do, make a crappy ponytail.

By the way, I have started to dig that color too. it's my natural hair colour in the picture. Maybe I should dye my hair back to more reddish. It's been blondish for over a year now. Little change could be good.


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  2. Lol ihkuja faneja sulla. :D Vähäx oot seksisymboli.

    Mä en muistanu et sulla oli noin punane tukka. En oo varmaan koskaan nähny sun omaa väriä. :p Aika siisti kun se on niin voimakas sävy..