Thursday, February 07, 2008

Analyze this

I have one thing especially common with J.J. We both like to analyze everything to the infinity. Like all these things happening to us. But I'm not sure if J.J. analyzes himself as much as I analyze myself. I just want to know what I am about. Why I do things I do. What made me this way. Anyway. There are few things I have noticed lately that I find surprising:

If someone asks the right questions I reveal all my secrets. Even the dirty ones like I had no shame. But now when I think about it... it's a not a bad thing though it may put me in a bad light.I guess it's like a shortcut to a deeper friendship. I show what I'm truly made of and the other one probably does the same with me. And I guess I do this with people I don't even know so well, like lately with M. And if the other one starts to dislike me, well, it's not a loss if you weren't like super duper good friends at the first place.

And though I'm perfectly capable of telling all my secrets to strangers, I find it really hard to talk about my feelings. I do talk about them, naturally, but I feel as I'm always hiding what I really really really think underneath it all. Like I got no right to express what's truly going on in my head. Like as having emotions is a weakness.


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