Sunday, February 24, 2008

Single? Is that a fruit?

I need a place of my own. But it's not that easy. I still want to live in Leppävaara or somewhere near it. I know that someday my friends are probably moving far away from this place but I still want to stay here as long as this feels like home. I simply can't picture myself living anywhere else. These places mean things to me and they have a history. It's already enough radical to end a long-term relationship, I'm not ending anything else. Not right now.

Due to Aleksi's recent questions I have realized that I am single for the first time of my life. I was so young when we started to date that I never thought myself as a single back then. I was like just blooming and then Aleksi appeared. I was never actively seeking contacts with boys or anything. It just happened. Anyway. I'm finding this a bit difficult to handle. I'm NOT saying that I regret this break-up or anything. I just can't identify myself not being in a relationship since everything is still the same. We just don't do the things that we used to do as a solid couple.

And Aleksi told to his parents. He said they were cool about it. I expected the opposite.

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