Sunday, February 17, 2008

Making things official

My mom called me today. I knew she would since she calls me every Sunday. And I knew I had to tell her that we are like divorcing here. And now it's done. I have to admit that telling her has been the hardest part so far. I was so worried about letting her down. But she wasn't angry or disappointed or anything. She wasn't even surprised. She said that she had felt that things are not as they used to be but that she never dared to say anything.

But it's still a bit weird that she wasn't surprised. Since I have never talk about these things with her. How could she knew? I live far away, she never visits me. We talk via phone once a week. Was this really so obvious to everyone else? Since M. also said that he felt that there is something funny in our relationship but didn't say anything until I told him.

Anyway. Now this is official.
R.I.P 1.2.2003-1.2.2008

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