Monday, February 18, 2008

Amoena is commuting like crazy

Today I got a chance to try out how long it actually takes to travel to Vantaa. That's where I work nowadays. And it's not as bad as I expected! First I walk to Leppävaara train station and take a train to Pasila. At Pasila I switch to other train which takes me to Tikkurila. And there I jump to a buss that takes me to Ikea of Vantaa. And I work so close to Ikea that I could actually go there and buy some new cheap furniture during my 30 minute lunch break.

This is the train I got myself in.

And it takes exactly one hour to get from one door to other door. I guess it's not bad?

1 comment:

  1. Ja sit vaihdan bussii ja sit junaan ja sit taxii sit mä kävelen 10 minsaa sit metroo ja sit bussii ja sit..

    :P Joo ei yhtää paha. Mä vihaisin tota yli kaiken. Mut mä vihaanki ylipäätää matkustamista. Jos se työ on oikeesti kivaa ni on kai se sen arvosta.