Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another announcement

Aleksi and I are breaking up. Or technically we have already broken up but we are still living together. We just came to the point in our relationship where we had to choose wether to get married and have kids and stop complaining, or to move on to something new. And we both chose the latter due to the problems we have always had and which are not likely to go away in decades.

This is actually something that should have been done like long time ago. But ever since I was 16 I have build my life with Aleksi, not my own life. So I guess I simply wasn't ready to take the jump before, because there was nothing to land on. Now I have a good start: I have a job and I have good friends. I'm more ready than ever in my life so it's time to make actions. It's time to build my own life.

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