Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I hope you don't expect your money back

I think that my blog addiction is maybe going too far. I spend about 20 minutes every morning to read them. It doesn't sound much but hey, we are talking about my extremely busy mornings. But blogs has been part of my morning routine as long as I can remember. I just need to learn when to stop. It's a miracle that I have not yet been late for my work.

Speaking about my work... All the other extras are now gone. It feels pretty weird. It used to be so full of life and now it's just me and my boss. Today she said that she couldn't do without me but she was exaggerating a bit. Yeah, she's totally hopeless with Excel but it's not like hard to help her. It could be anyone. Anyway. So far I have found out that my new job is definitely more challenging and time consuming than I expected. But in a good way. It feels as I was working as a detective. There are certain clues to follow but sometimes you just have to trust your intuition.

So what I do: People order stuff but sometimes they're not happy with what they get. So they send stuff back. Sounds easy, right? It could be if they've attached a note which says who's sending the stuff back, what stuff and for what reasons and to which order is the returned stuff related to. They usually tell like one of those things and I have to find out the rest. Once I opened an envelope that had only one pink post-it with the stuff they wanted to return. And guess what the post-it said? "This product didn't met our expectations". That's nice... It's just a shame that I'm not psychic.

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