Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is what you wanted to know

I think it's time to answer to those people who have googled their way to my blog by using straight questions:

What is Kefexin?

If only I could get an euro everytime someone googles for Kefexin and ends up here. Kefexin is just antibiotics and yeah, you can mix it with alcohol. It won't kill you.

What does amoena mean?

Amoena is a Latin word and it means "pleasant" or like "beautiful". But you can only use it if you're talking about places, it's not used on humans.

What do girls like to talk about?

I guess I should know since I'm a girl, but honestly I have no idea. I'm a bit out of that league. But I like to talk about movies, music, blogging, cute boys and all things nerdy.

What makes a woman immature?

I guess it is what she prioritize in life. If she's all about hedonistic shopping and partying, yeah, that's immature. And if she can't take any responsibility or can't control her life in general. This is what came to my mind first.

How to listen to music in ubuntu?

For example: 1. Install ubuntu-restricted-extras. 2. Install the music player of your choice. 3. Install any torrent software of your choice. 4. Download any music of your choice. 5. Listen to the music of your choisce on the music player of your choice. Shouldn't be so hard?

What happened to freeman apricot and wild cherry lathering face scrub?

Omg? Did something happened to it? It's my favourite face scrub. I better start looking for a new product then. Add sad face here.

What is it about? The man with the child in his eyes.

It's Kate Bush so it's probably just some meaningless mumbo jumbo. But it's indeed one af my favourite Kate Bush songs anyway.

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