Thursday, February 14, 2008

The royal moomin coma

I got a new term in my vocabulary and it's "moomin coma" or "muumikooma" in Finnish. It started when I played "Muumipeli" (The Moomins themed board game, a lot like the African Star) with Hannes and J.R. We had already finished the game and I was putting it away when I noticed the blank staring faces on some of the moomins. I pointed them out, and yeah, aren't those moomins like scary?

Is everyone in the Moominvalley doing drugs btw?

I often use the phrase "having a coma" when I have spent too much time in front of my computer. It means that you have liked totally overloaded yourself and needing a boot. And the moomin coma is like one level up, when you're really starting to feel like a vegetable.


  1. Heh, toi on aika hauska termi, pitääpä ottaa käyttöön!

  2. aww I'm actually jealous ! I'd love some damn coma with that board game set, which is so pretty and led me to this post while searching on Google.