Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whoa a job offer!

I have not given myself much credit for my job. Of course I have always done whatever I have been ordered to do, and I have tried to do everything well. I have also been giving my helping hand whenever possible. Not to mention that I have tried to be nice to other employees too. But I could have done my job so much better. Especially when there was actually some real work to do. For example when the boys were still there we used to have breaks much longer than 30 minutes. It's crazy how no one ever complained about us.

So now my days at the stock are running out. All the shelves are empty and there is pretty much nothing to do. Our boss simply sends us home after five hours. Today she even said that we can't even go there tomorrow because there is absolutely nothing to do. And the next Thursday will be our last day there. Then it's over. All the stuff is sent to Sweden by then and we are officially useless. It's no wonder since it's already looking like this:

I have not stressed over my next job. I have enough money and I know that I can easily get a new job via Varamiespalvelu, which is a Finnish staffing service. But to my surprise my boss came to me today and started to ask me what I'm going to do after this job. It turned out that she is willing to keep me longer. Just me. It would be a totally different job in a totally different position but I said that I'm definitely interested. But the problem is that the place is really far. It would take over an hour to get there. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that but I take the place anyway if she still wants me. I'm not sure how long it would last or if I'm going to be paid more. She was in a hurry so I didn't have time to ask any further questions. But she did managed to say that it's indeed a very nice place and that most of the employees are male.

But isn't this a real life proof how being characterized as a nerd can be an extremely powerful tool when it's clear enough? I'm 100% sure that she asked me only because I have helped her with Excel as I have also helped others with Enterprise and with other weird programs they use there at the stock. I have slowly build my reputation and finally it led to this. She needs someone who could handle Enterprise so it's actually quite obvious that she came to me first. I have already proofed myself.

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