Monday, January 28, 2008

Meeting online buddies

I received a comment:
wow! friends from online
This sure is sounds exciting

what if the online friend is not in Finland with you? How far to travel would it be ok?
If you're a nerd there is nothing particular about having online friends. It's just part of the scene, and not even that exciting actually. But I wouldn't travel abroad for someone I've met online. Definitely not. I guess it wouldn't be even possible for me to click enough with some foreigner in the first place. You know, I only meet the special ones, the ones I feel truly connected with. I wouldn't meet just anyone.

I guess I should summarize my weekend then, since it was out of doubt something extra ordinary. I rarely leave my home for more than few hours at one time. So I traveled to J.J. who lives at Tampere. He moved there about a month ago and he's still a bit lost there too. Anyway.

On Friday I was simply hanging out at J.J. digs since I got there so late. We did watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest though which is a great old movie in case you have not seen it yet. On Saturday he made us waffles for breakfast. Isn't that a good service? He also cooked us traditional macaroni casserole (if you're Finnish you know what I'm talking about) and some killer pizza. I tried to help him with the cooking part but let's just face it: I'm hopeless and completely useless in the kitchen. It's just not my cup of tea, or my piece of cake, or whatever.

J.J. has started to play acoustic guitar so of course he needed to show off his new skills. Which is awesome since I happen to love acoustic guitar. It's pretty much the coolest instrument ever. No matter how crappy you play it, it always sounds great. I have nice pictures of J.J. actually playing the guitar but unfortunately he's quite hysteric over his anonymity so I don't dare to post any of them.

On Saturday we also go to the cinema. We chose to watch El Orfanato though I was afraid it might be too scary for me. I'm not good at handling anything scary, I get nightmares. Anyway. It was a good choise. It was a bit scary but not too scary for me to watch. Anyway. It was indeed a good movie, maybe even better than el Laberinto del fauno. I have not decided about that yet. So in this movie there is a family: a mother, a father and an adopted son with HIV. The mother brings them back to her childhood home which happens to be an orphanage. And it doesn't take long when the son starts to have invisible friends... and to everybody's horror one day he disappears without a trace. I know it sounds lame but trust me with this one. If you like Spanish movies, if you liked el Laberinto del fauno, and if you didn't find the Others too scary, this movie could be just for you.

On Sunday we slept late as you're supposed to do on Sundays. Then we walked to visit Elina. She still had like the most coziest apartment ever. I'm almost jealous. And I am jealous for her armchair. Like is there anything more comfortable to sit on than an old armchair? Seriously? And she had piled some glossy magazines next to it. It's irresistible. And Elina served us glögg which was like heaven after the walk in the cold weather. Anyway. We compared the sizes of our laptops which is something that girls do all the time... or not. And then I headed back to the railway station since it was already time for me to go home.

So it was a nice trip. It was nice for change to hang out with J.J. face to face and to get to know that side of him too. And it was indeed nice to meet Elina.


  1. I've met a couple of online-friends from abroad and it's been really great, one of the is even definitely one of my best friends and we meet at least once a year. Give it a try, why not?!

    But meeting online-friends in real life in general for the first time is quite intimidating indeed, really f***ing awkward.

  2. Mäkin rakastan mun ihkua nojatuolia. :D

  3. Kyllä mä voisinkin tavata, jos sattuisin törmäämään johonkin kivaan ulkomaalaiseen jota ei kiinnostaisi pelkästään se että onko mulla webkamera ja jos olisin muutenkin menossa kyseiseen maahan. Mut kumpikin melko epätodennäköistä :P

    Mä olen onneksi missannut noi epämiellyttävät ensitapaamiset. Kai sekin auttaa että ite suhtaudun aina niin rennosti uusiin ihmisiin ja keksin helposti juteltavaa yms yms. Tai sitten mun nettikaverit on aina ollu harvinaisen laadukkaita :D