Sunday, January 06, 2008

How Ubuntu changed my listening habits

There are two nerds living in this household and it means that we have to have two computers. Except we only have room for one and therefore I'm using a laptop. And I know that there are some regular readers and some friends of mine who still remember how I used to complain about the "killing trio". But to refresh your memory, this is what I wrote during last summer:
I have started to listen to music on my laptop. But my laptop sucks... When I have Winamp, Live Messenger and Firefox open at the same time it slows down quite radically and eventually it's tilting like hell. I don't know if it's really worth the fight.
But later on I have switched to Ubuntu and it allows me to use Rhythmbox, Pidgin, Firefox and many more at the same time without any problems. So now I can really listen to music while nerding on my laptop. Last time it was like a desperate try.

And when I'm listening to something on my laptop, I'm using my in-ear headphones I got for Christmas. It's actually quite unpractical since I'm using them with my mp3-player too and I have to switch them like daily. But is there something you won't do for a better sound quality?

Since Aleksi doesn't hear what I'm listening to, I can listen to whatever I want to. We don't exactly have the same taste what comes to music. I can tolerate pretty much Aleksi is listening to but it doesn't work vice versa. I'm into stuff that Aleksi dislikes or even hates so I can't really listen to it while he's around.

Wait! I said I was using headphones now!

It's like two thirds down: I can play music on my laptop and I have eliminated Aleksi's taste. And the last part is that I'm re-exploring my own taste. I know what I like, but now I'm also constantly trying to find new cool bands to listen to. It's like a project of mine. I have already found several good bands and the search continues. And currently listening to music is like the best thing I know. It's like falling in love over and over again. Sometimes I spend hours staring at the screen just listening to something awesome.

And this is all because I switched to Ubuntu.


  1. I really like all these girl+nerd+Ubuntu posts. It is quite errotic.

  2. Haha. That explains why I'm so popular among nerdy boys. For them it's probably like I'm talking dirty 24/7.