Thursday, January 10, 2008

My blogging environment

Little while ago everyone was showing off their blogging environment. I decided it's my turn, even though my blogging environment is nothing glamorous:

Here you can see my laptop, Acer TravelMate 2001LC. It's originally from (like Finnish eBay but with much better functions) so it's second-hand. It's like an old friend and even though I'm planning to get a new one, I probably keep this one too. I'm using an optical mouse with it because I feel text editing difficult without. There is also a book under the back part of my laptop. I just don't like it all flat against the table and the book makes it just perfect.

My laptop is placed on a dinner table. It has enough room for it because there is only two of us and it has seats for four. When I sit on my laptop I have a wall behind my back so it gives me a feeling of privacy. I hate to blog when someone is able to watch me behind my back. Paranoid? Me? The table is always full of stuff, mostly useful stuff like lip conditioner and xylitol gum etc. It's good to have everything close.

When I'm on my laptop I can see our kitchen and our living room at the same time. The kitchen is not like the most inspiring view since it's never clean (expect when my friends are coming over) and the living room could be nicer too. But why bother when I'm mostly staring at the screen anyway? I can also see Aleksi playing Lord of the Rings online. That's not so inspiring either.

OK. Now you've seen my blogging environment it and read about it. I'm sorry it's not fancier. This post could have been better if there really was something to show. If there is something you like to ask, well, just ask.


  1. joten arka

    :-( kateellinen
    I want both laptop and privacy

    Is that ubuntu I see on your screen?

  2. Yeah, it's Ubuntu and I also have Blogger post editor open.

    My laptop is pretty much the best thing I know, mostly because it comes with the privacy. Our PC is like super but it never feels as safe.

  3. i don't have any specific location for blogging in. i do it always in my work place!
    but instead, i have a specific time for blogging. i blog just at night, when i am in my bed. this creates an environment to force me to write. so i can say my blogging location is my bed! i write first on a paper, then paste it into my blog tomorrow then.
    but i think, you've got a say, dramatic location. maybe... forget it!

  4. Why d'you think is better than eBay? I'm a huge eBay addict and I've never liked, it just seems so lame in both appearance and the range of items.

  5. En mä ole eBayta ikinä itse käyttänyt, mutta mitä oon siitä kuullut niin on aina kuulostanut jotenkin fiksummin järjestetyltä. Jotenkin tuota Huuto.nettiä piti kuvailla :)