Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My first day as an office rat

In the day time I'm a stock worker and normally my working environment consist of giantic metal shelves. I know. It doesn't sound fancy but I really like the place. And my job is anything but physically challenging and all the people there are just great. Anyway. Today I was offered a different type of job, just for a couple of days. They needed some extra help. So suddenly I found myself, not in the middle of shelves, but in a very nice office building. And guess what! I got my own desk and computer. OK, those are actually belonging to someone who's taking a time off, but right now they're totally mine. Anyway. It's really cool.

I put my (crappy) camera phone to a test and took a few pictures for you:

It certainly feels like a promotion: Before I used to take an order list and collect the items on it. Now I'm making those lists and someone else is collecting them. Anyway. It wasn't easy at first since the program I had to use was a mixture of Finnish and Swedish. And I had to use a rollermouse for the first time of my life:

As you can see, there is a bar between the keys and the silver buttons. That's what you're using to navigate (by rolling it and moving it sideways). And those silver buttons work like the buttons from a regular mouse. It was indeed a bit difficult at first but after a moment it became really handy. I was able to hold my pen while navigating and it saved both time and nerves. I also started to master the numpad.


  1. Hei tästä vois päätellä, että... oot Inexillä töissä?

  2. Aika lähelle meni :) Oon Oriolassa. Tai oikeastaan olen Oriolan sisällä Hammasvälineen varastossa töissä. Tosin mun päivät siellä alkaa kohta olemaan luetut. Tuo Hammasväline on myyty aikaa sitten ruotsalaiselle Lifco Dentalille ja nyt ollaan tekemässä muuttoa sinne. Kohta koko varastoa ei ole enää olemassa :(

    Mut tuun Inexin kautta 110:lla kotiin :P