Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I can't change what happened

I know. I have had a blogging break. Now get over it so I can begin.

Today I have been smiling alone like a stupid cow. I just realized that there are good things happening to me. Not because of me, not around me. But to me. And it makes me want to forgive the world for being such a shitty place. It's finally giving me something back. But I think I wait and see before I make any decisions.

I bought jeans. I loved my old jeans to bits and pieces so it was a high time to buy new ones. Anyway. I saw these, tried them on, and they felt like me. And now they're mine. But it's funny how I was looking for a loose fit jeans or like bondage/cargo pants (or just anything boyish) and end up buying these quite feminine skinny jeans:

I also met M. and his dog quickly. It seems that I'm taking care of it while M. and his girlfriend are gone to India. I'm actually starting to be quite excited about it. I have planned to get a dog too and this could really give me a good perspective what it is to be a dog owner like in real life. I have had several dogs in my life but it's different when it's your own and you have to take the responsibility alone.


  1. Farkut näyttää tosi hyviltä, mistäs ostit? :)

  2. Seppälästä! Mikä on oikeasti tosi hassua, koska en yleensä osta yhtään mitään sieltä. Hyvä että ikinä astun edes sisään Mun mielestä se on ihan keski-ikäisten tanttojen kauppa O.o

    Kaikkea sitä tekeekin, kun on epätoivoinen :P

  3. Oho, en olis ikinä uskonu Seppälästä löytyvän noin hienoja farkkuja!