Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just some thoughts

Ever since I switched to Ubuntu I also started to subscribe to Ubuntu/Linux related blogs. I just want to know what is going on now that I'm involved too. Anyway. I was reading UbuntuHQ and it pointed me to CMZ Wire where I read an article titled "Why Isn't Linux Catching on?".

The article was highly criticized in the comments but I think the writer got something right too: in my opinion there are too many distributions too. I just can't help but agree. Without my uncle telling me especially to switch to Ubuntu/Kubuntu I couldn't have done the decision. Not by myself after all, I would have asked someone else to choose for me. But on the other hand, without my uncle pushing me towards Linux it wouldn't even passed my mind in the first place.

The article also claims that Linux is too geeky for the average user. In a way I agree though I'm not sure what is an average user. I have regarded myself as an average user though I guess I'm not. After all, despite the fact that I'm a girl, I downloaded and installed my own Ubuntu. I googled the answers to all of my questions and found my way trough the problems. And if I wasn't so geeky before, I guess that by now I am at least 30% geekier than I was. So I guess Linux is OK for an average user who is already turning geeky.

By the way, why are some girls just so afraid to do something nerdy? Like they refuse for example to do some HTML even when necessary. Do they really think that if they have more advanced computer skills they suddenly start to speak l33t and crack pedobear jokes?


  1. Still, girl + geek = HAWT

    I will take that 30% over some "dumb" acting lady any day.
    "Oh, tee-hee, computer? I dont know!"

    The trick is to get them involved young, so they know they dont have to be dumb or even act dumb.

    *pedobear approves this message*

  2. I don't think all girls are afraid to be geeky per se... they're just not that interested. I for one like using computers, but I'm not interested in what goes on behind the graphic interface. I know it would be practical to know some code, but it's certainly not my priority. Maybe when I'm retired and I have more time, who knows...

    And I know some guys as well who haven't a clue about computers. But they do seem to have a problem with it, as guys are supposed to know this stuff I guess. :)