Sunday, August 27, 2006

Invent Your Scent

I went to Sello today with Aleksi. He wanted to give me a present because of my holiday is about to end and my school starts tomorrow. And because he likes me very much, of course. He bought me Invent Your Scent Eau de Toilette called "Citrella" from The Body Shop.

" A citrusy and energetic fragrance that's light and zesty."

The idea of the "Invent Your Scent" fragrances is very simple but still exciting:
"You can create a fragrance to match your mood, beginning with our nine fragrance personalities. Mix any two together and you've got another. With so many combinations, you can create a fragrance nearly as unique as you."

"All nine Invent Your Scent fragrances combine with each other so you can never make a mistake."
So there is nine different scents, and you can wear them alone or mix them together to make a new one. And Citrella is definitely not my first one. Here is my collection:

Aleksi has bought me almost everyone. Altaro and Beleaf are from my sister. If you can count, you will notice that there is only two fragrances missing; Zinzibar and Minteva. I don't really like them, so I'm probably not going to buy them or asking them as a present.

We also went to Roberts Coffee. I drank Hot Chocolate and Aleksi Chococcino. Very good.

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