Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back In Business

So now I'm officially back. I came late yesterday, and I was really tired since I didn't slept so well in Viiala. It was too dark and too quiet. Anyway. I almost missed my train. I actually had to run with all my stuff. And, boy, I had some stuff to carry. But I made it.

So I made some promises about pictures and so. I'm going to fulfill them now.

Trip to Yli-Kirra

I went to this place called Yli-Kirra with my mother and her friend. I have been there like several times already, but I like it quite much. It's like one big outdoor museum. We spend many hours just wandering how those people back then did all their things. It's fascinating, really.

These two above are some kind of traps. I wonder if they ever really ate meat...

This is the center of the place. There are lots of other places too, but those two buildings are like the "main" houses or something. Where they slept on ate. Beds were so short. I bet they were midgets back then.

Dead animals. I have no idea for what these were, but they were so dead.

My mother and her friend having a picnic. They asked me to take a picture.


It's not a toilet. It's a house and I bet that there used to live one big family together.

This is a map of Yli-Kirra. Lots of places to see as you can see.

Other Stuff

I didn't do anything so special, but I read a lot. These books I read during one day (well, in 12 hours more likely).

1170 pages actually. I read almost that same amount of pages during next day too. This was a book I was quite fond of. I know I'm way too old for that, and it's too much lovey-dovey stuff, but I just adored it. I think the cover of it is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. And YES it's a vampire story.

My mother bought me some stuff. For example these jeans and this book:

Only seven euros from Vapaa Valinta. My mother fixed them for me.

I love the movie. And in this case, the movie was first! From flea market: only 50 cents.

I also made these, as I said I would. They are notebooks covers made of fabrics I like. They make my notebooks look more personal.

The Funeral

There were also a funeral I had to participate in. The dead person wasn't important to me, so thought them as a party where I can dress up and stuff. I forget to pack shoes (well... actually, now when I think about it, I don't even have matching shoes for that dress) so I had to borrow a pair. They were a bit too big and they really hurt my feet. But they were vintage.

The priest was a bit gay so I made fun out of him with my uncle. We laught all the time about everything even though we should have been like really sad and stuff. I had a great time.

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