Monday, August 28, 2006

Back To school

Not nice. School is not nice. I'm already depressed. I thought we would have only like couple hours, but it turned out that we had this big and boring professional lecture. I almost sliced my wrists. Anyway. I spend those hours reading the British edition of the Glamour magazine. Without that I would have been really desperate. That lecture was not for us, but for advanced dentist students. So it's pretty obvious why I didn't quite get it and read that magazine instead. Luckily tomorrow will be free, and Friday too.

My emergency pack.

This is also the day when I'm starting to diet officially again. Last week I like ate all the time and hardly exercise. I gained about 7 pounds. It's so not cool. That's going to change since now I have to loose about 11 pounds. Or little less, or little more. I don't know yet. Enough to make those white jeans fit. But because today is a bit rainy, I don't risk my dryness and go to hogging tomorrow. Instead I'm going to do some pilates. I even have a new mattress.

I just turned on TV to watch Everwood. But I found out it does not come anymore. I was a bit chocked since I really love that show. Luckily I'm downloading the whole season 3, but it takes time to come.

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