Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tough Guy

So no school today. It should have been fun. Thought wrong. Anyway. I woke up quite early and did some nerd business like usually. Washed some dishes and stuff. I was doing well. Then my aunt called me. She wanted to buy me a pair of shoes. I agree with the idea, so I went to see her. So we looked shoes. And then clothes. Nothing. I found one nice pair, but they were exactly the same as I already had, but they were brown and the texture was a bit different. So after all those hours she bought me a... saucepan. It is a Hackman Kovanaama so it was also a very expensive one. It must be good too. Aleksi is going to love it. He does the cooking, not me. That's why I asked for it.

My aunt also brought me stuff that my mother sent me from Viiala. It included pink pants, shirt I forgot there, pack of cookies and pistachios. I already ate those cookies and now I feel guilty. I should go to jogging today. I really, really should. But I'm quite tired and bored and so. Yesterday I did pilates for an hour. I wasn't so lazy then. I don't know what to do. I definitely should do something. I'm gaining even more weight. I know even though I'm not weighting myself regularly this time.


  1. Hello Ameona! Hows life? Can you smoke in the school?