Monday, August 14, 2006

From Left To Right

So I must be really bored. I decided to do this very classical sink photo shoot. Click to enlarge if you like to.

Some of my favourites from left to right:

LV Nestesaippua: I have always used this. It's for sensitive skin, so it does not dry my hands. It's also very versatile since I use it when I wash my make-up instruments too.

WWW Professional Leave-In Conditioning Spray: This does make my hair very soft. I'm not sure how conditioning it is because I always use it after regular balsam. It's non perfumed.

Lumene Skin Tech For Men Shaving Foam: Aleksi gave this to me because he didn't use it so often. I use it for shaving my legs. It's very moisturizing and softening. I really like this product but I know it's also quite expensive so I won't buy another one after this one runs out.

Humektan: This has been my daily moisture cream as long as I remember. I changed to this when they stop making my regular moisturizer. Aleksi used it before me and that's how I found out about it. I wouldn't change it anymore because it is so gentle and light.

Freeman Beautiful Body Blueberry & Champagne Shower Scrub: I love the scent. And it scrubs too. This product definitely leaves skin refreshed.

Freeman Totally Nutty Walnut Shell Foot Scrub: I like to scrub my feet with this special scrub. It really works and re-energizes and softens.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Freshener: I love the color, scent and everything about this product even though it doesn't work miracles.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Daily Foaming Facial Wash: I love this one too for same reasons. It's foamy and very depurant. It got some mint in it which makes face tingle little bit.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Stimulating Body Smoother: I bought this from sale. It's not actually so moisturating or smoothing, but it smells really good and very Light.

Freeman Beautiful Face Apricot & Wild Cherry Lathering Facial Scrub: This is my ultimate favorite even though I like the "raspberry, almond & kiwi" edition even more. But this one was on sale. It's gentle enough but it still works. It's foamy and washy.

Sunsilk Care & Repair 24/7 Day Care Cream: This is also a leave-in product. I use it almost every day even though I always use regular balsam too. It makes my hair shiny (because of silicones) and easy to style.

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