Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Anna The Boat Sailing Down The Channel

So apparently Sini is not going to be with me today. She said she would text me if it's raining and she could be with me. And the sun is shining and stuff. She had something else to do. It's ok. I have my own stuff to do. It won't be long until I go away for a while and I have to prepare for that.

Last night I had this very interesting dream. It was quite romantic and so, included lots of water and exotic places. I swam a lot, which is something I normally never do. When I see weird dreams, or unhappy dreams, I always though afterwards that they are only dreams and I don't believe in such. But when I see these dreams which reflects happiness, I just want to believe they mean something. That somehow they could just come true.

And by the way. You know that song called "Boten Anna", which is totally lame and pretty much sucks really hard. Anyway. I have seen forum posts in which some teens panic because they don't know what a bot is. And they pretty much decided it's a boat since there is a "boat" in the video and because the song also contain word "channel". It's quite funny.

But that crappy song is quite nostalgic for me. It's been so long time since I have used any IRC-client. Those days are over, but I still admit that it's much more cooler to really use irc than to talk via messenger. But I'm a girl and I like things that are visual and pretty.

Feel free to add me if you like me and if you really want to talk and befriend with me: illapeipe at msn dot com.

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