Monday, August 14, 2006


This is getting creepy. I ate even though I wasn't hungry. I just wanted to feel all that food in my mouth. I really adore bread with - diet coke. So I pretty much have to go to jogging today. No matter how lazy my ass feel itself. It has to go before it gets too big and too lazy.

And all this dieting also confuse me a bit. Since I diet only to make someone to like me more. I don't need to loose any weight and I have never been overweight either. I just have this idea that being skinny makes people happy. And the best part goes here: I was thin once. Not like skinny thin, but quite thin anyway. Lightly underweight and so. And my life doesn't really changed. So I know it is not true. Being thin will not ever make me happy. But still I somehow believe that if I manage to weight about 105.821886 pound everybody starts to like me and I have like real friends and better activities than doing this.

Aamiaissämpylä, my very favourite bread:

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