Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nutritional Values

Now we have finished the part which contained some shopping and pizza. I'm quite pleased. While we were walking to the Pizza Marhaba I noticed that walking was extremely hard for me. It surprised me even though that had happened before. I could have just sat down and cry for being so lazy. I'm not fat or in poor shape since I go to jogging at least three times a week and I do almost an hour pilates per day. My legs just don't cooperate with me anymore.

I also made one big notice. We both chose our own kind of desserts when we were shopping. Aleksi picked big chocolate dessert called "Grand Dessert" by Ehrmann but I decided to have Strawberry Risifrutti by Abba since it sounded quite healthy and I knew they were good tasting too.

And after pizza we both ate our desserts and I started to check their nutritional values. I realized that Aleksi's big chocolate thing was actually a bit healthier than my dessert. It had less calories but it was a bit bigger. It also contained less fat and carbohydrates but more protein. Good think about Risifrutti was that it contained also fiber and natrium. It's the jam that ruins it. Without it would have won.

It's not a big deal, but it makes me confused. It's quite hard to make healthy choices if the cover doesn't tell the whole truth. Who would have guessed that these two dessert have almost the same nutritional values.

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  1. Any Ehrmann products are generally very healthy. I think Risifrutti is healthy compared to most other yoghurts. :)