Friday, July 20, 2007

"Your tea is getting cold!"

I don't drink coffee. I used to drink when I was very young but one day I just stopped. I got bored I guess. I think coffee is seriously overrated anyway. And most people drink it only to get their daily dose of caffeine. I'm a tea drinker instead. I got a nice teapot, some serious teacups, an urn (makes the best tea ever!) and, of course, a water boiler. And, of course, I have a nice selections of different kinds of teas. Today I chose to drank African Rooibos.

Yesterday we watched The Queen. I expected it to be dull but I was so wrong. It was very interesting and instructive. Even though I was old enough to watch news when princess Diana died, I can't really remember any of it. So to me watching this was more of an essential lecture of history than just a movie. And Helen Mirren totally deserved her Oscar. Her acting was so good.

The video below is a trailer for The Queen.

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