Friday, July 27, 2007

Just Our Luck

Today I went to Robert's Coffee with Aleksi. He bought us two hot chocolates. I immediately sensed that there were something wrong in them. And I was right. They tasted nothing like chocolate. It was more like drinking warm milk or something, no matter how much I stirred it. So I went back to the lady who sold them to us and asked nicely if we could have like proper hot chocolates. You know, ones that taste like chocolate too. She was really skeptic towards my complains but she made us new ones. This time they were fine.

After the drinks we went to Anttila to seek some DVDs. Aleksi found Just My Luck for me and it was extremely cheap. Of course I bought it since I collect my favourite Lindsay Lohan movies. I have already seen Just My Luck for several times but I look forward to see the extras on the DVD.

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