Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One of these days

Yesterday we watched Hannibal Rising. It was boring. I love the Hannibal trilogy by Thomas Harris but none of the movies really capture the Hannibal from the books. Hollywood tries to make him so monstrous. In the books he is mostly charming.

And today we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think it was pretty good. But it is a total waste of a character if there is not going to be any romance between Harry and Luna. They would be a perfect match. They should rewrite the books to make this happen for me. Potter itself looks a bit plastic though. I would like to see him more messier.

Aleksi's aunt gave him an CD. It was a bit weird gift since we don't have a CD-player anymore. We mostly listen to mp3s. Anyway. He didn't really listened to it but I did. It was a Dutch band called Kane. It was their new album. His aunt said the band is very popular in Holland. I guess she knows what she's talking about since she lives there. Below is a live video of Kane performing their song "Believe It". It's not their greatest song but it's a good example of their music.

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