Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Today I bought a small notebook. I will keep it on my desk so I can write things up. Before I had this great notebook I used to write things on toilet papers. Or whatever I managed to crap. Why there are always pens but no paper?

I've been into webdesigning lately. Yesterday I made a whole new look to my other blog. It makes me sad that I don't get paid for designing. I work long hours when I work. And my skills are improving all the time. But I'm still not even near professinal and I have seen 15-years-olds doing better designs that I do. That is quite depressing. I love to code CSS but there are limits that I can't expand. I'm self taught and somewhere there is a point where there is nothing I could teach myself. Sometimes I'm so bitter that I'm studying to be a dental hygienist. They have nothing to do with webdesigning.

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