Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm back from Viiala. I spent there only four days this time. On Tuesday I was with my sister and his husband when they purchased some furniture. I saw a nice dresser but unfortunately we have no room for any new furniture. On Thursday I met Elina at Tampere. Her place was done very nicely. It was extremely homey and she had the nicest aquarium ever. She gave me some of her old fashion magazines but I left them in Viiala. It's better to have something to read in there since there are no broadband.

My mother gave me some stuff again. She bought me a very nice smock and a very nice sleeveless top from flea market. And I also got a facial scrub and a lip gloss. And money of course. She wanted to give me some food too but I said no, no, no. I'm fat enough without her extra delicacies.

I also saw a boy from my upper level of comprehensive school (tricky). I realized that most of the boys who used to loathe me back then would probably bang me now. Fat chance, losers!

Last night I borrowed some DVDs to Hannes. It turned out to be a very long trip and I didn't got home until 8 am. But it was totally worth to miss a few hours of sleep. And I'm no amateur. I can stay up all night easily. I suffer from some kind of insomnia. When I go to the bed it takes pretty much an hour or more to fall asleep. It's quite annoying actually. I just don't get sleep no matter how tired I am. My mother wants me to consult a doctor for some pills but I'm not into it. I'm not bothered about the fact that I can't get sleep. I'm bothered when I have to go to bed when I know it's useless.

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