Thursday, July 26, 2007

Third time lucky

I just finished watching Kate & Leopold. I can't remember the first time I saw it, but I know that this was the third time I saw it. It is truly a traditional romantic comedy and definitely a chick flick. But I have to admit that I love this movie. I just love it. The actual plot is not so believable but the good characters and great actors are enough to save the whole movie. Hugh Jackman does a wonderful job as Leopold. He steals every scene from Meg Ryan and turns them to pure charm.

I also watched Lucky Number Slevin for a third time yesterday with Hannes. It is a movie that gets better and better the more times you see it. It's absolutely brilliant and it gets me hooked every time. And have I mentioned that I have a thing for Bruce Willis? He used to be my favourite actor when I was young. I was into action movies back then.

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