Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Last Samurai

A little while ago my aunt gave me a book called The Last Samurai. I just finished reading it and I don't know whether I liked it or hated it. Basically it was a really good book. The plot was fine and the characters were really realistic and so on. There is this boy, Ludo and his mother, Sibylla, and they both are like intelligent to the extreme. And that is what annoys me. If the character is smart, the author must be smart too. So it gives the feeling that the author only wanted to prove that she's a real intellectual. And the readers must be stupid if they haven't heard of whatever theories they are talking about in the book. It made me feel a bit stupid. But, luckily, most of the time they are watching The Seven Samurai by Kurosawa. And I have totally seen that movie!

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