Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is what you get when you carry out unplanned ideas

Yesterday I made a perfect shopping list and went to a grocery store to buy everything on it. But while I was shopping my daily necessities I started to think how lovely and motherly it would be to have a closet stocked with cookies and other things I could serve with tea. This thought soon transformed to an idea to fill the freezer with home-made muffins. And it sounded like an idea good enough to carry out, so in my head I added chocolate buttons to my shopping list.

But when I got home I realize that I actually need more than just chocolate buttons to bake muffins. I only got two eggs and I was seriously running out of sugar and oil too. So I had no other choice than go back to the store..

But when I got home again I realize that I didn't have flour... Luckily the store is near.

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