Thursday, May 22, 2008

New music and new plans

Last year my sister bought herself a quite decent laptop.It was a surprise to everyone because she's definitely not a nerd of any kind. So we used to make fun of her and questioning her purposes. Like did she bought a laptop because she thought it was like a super modern microwave oven or something. Anyway. She has becoming more nerdy since. She even knows how to use Ctrl+C nowadays.

When I took my own laptop to Viiala I asked my sister to brought hers too. We share a similar taste of music so I thought it would be fun to exchange some of our favorites. I gave her some VAST and Katatonia and other shit I like and she gave me... nothing. She got bored so she went out to play with her dog. But meanwhile I took like 35 random albums from her laptop so now I'm seriously loaded with new music. I'm way too lazy to actually count but I think I have like 60 albums I have never listened to. That's a project, if you ask me.

It's also a project I will blog about. Here's the deal:
1. I upload as many albums to my mp3-player as possible and listen to them while I work.
2. When I have listened to every album once, I come here and briefly write down my first impressions.

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