Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Little Pony: mane and tail grooming

My mom is, among many other things, a My Little Pony collector. I guess it's my fault. I told her once how my Surprise Twins Pony (it's a mommy pony that gives birth to two tiny baby ponies. It's sick, I know) is worth some money since there are actually people who are seriously into these toys. And suddenly she was into these toys too.

She buys all her ponies from flea markets so they're usually looking old and dirty. But there is actually one simple trick that can transform even the dirtiest pony to a real beauty. If your pony is clean but having a serious bad hair day, you may want to try this:

You need an iron, some water and a thick comb.

This is how the tail looked before my magic. It's frizzy and dry and not shiny at all.

First I wet the tale thoroughly.

I work with small sections flat against the ironing board.

I keep the sections tight as I iron over them. I add some heat if the tail is not hot after I've ironed over it or if the ironing doesn't seem to make any difference.

When I have ironed all the small sections I start to iron the whole tail as once. I keep ironing it until I get bored or until it looks straight and shiny enough. Then I do the same with the mane too. If the hair looks too uneven I take my scissors and cut them even.

Here is my model, Curly Locks, with wet hair.

The hair will look as good as new when dried.

Here's my pretty pony with a shiny mane and a shiny tail!


  1. Huh, mikä mussa on vikana kun noita viimeisiä kuvia katsoessani huomasin ajattelevani, että noiden harjat ja hännäthän näyttääkin aika hienoilta!?

  2. Sulle tietty tuli sellaisia takautumia sun omasta lapsuudesta..