Monday, June 02, 2008

Service Pack did no service to me

On Thursday I tried to install Service Pack for my Vista but it started to act up. I'm not sure what went wrong, but according to Hannes I probably shouldn't have booted it in the middle of the process, even though I am quite sure it was already dead by then. And it remained dead no matter what. Anyway. Since Hannes happens to be my official Vista support I asked him to come over and fix it for me.

I know, that's lame. I should be a good nerd and fix it by myself. But I have already complained here on my blog how nerdism isn't so black and white. You may know something about something and nothing about something else. For example I'm specialized in blogging and social web stuff and I also know something about CSS/HTML and other web design related stuff. But I know absolutely nothing about hardware or how to handle specific Windows Vista errors...

So on Friday Hannes came by. And he totally fixed my Vista by unplugging something (according to Hannes you should not have TV attached to your laptop while doing these things) and something something something. I'm not sure what he did but my laptop is totally working again. Yay! And then we made rhubarb fool together and ate it with vanilla ice cream.


  1. Jee, teit musta kyl nyt aika julkkiksen. :)

  2. Pitää suakin promota, ja provota kommentoimaan :P

    Toi loppu kyllä kuulostaa joltain nörttien versiolta "sitten ratsastimme yhdessä aamunkoittoon"-lopetuksesta :D

  3. I envy you for having a laptop powerful enough to run Vista comfortably. My Acer came with Vista installed but I swiftly upgraded to XP. I was sorry to do so, because Vista is so pretty and snazzy and had more bells and whistles. Unfortunately it also had some serious problems, not the least of which was the very sluggish performance. It would take about 3 minutes for the system to shutdown, foe example.

    I know they came out with a SP for it but I have my doubts as to how much good it has done. Also, Vista refused to come out of Sleep Mode normally, and also the laptop's fan was constantly running because the machine was heating up from regular use. XP has none of these problems...but it also isn't as secure nor as pretty. :(

    I bought Vista Ultimate from campus for 20 bucks, though, just in the hopes that sometime in the future I'll be able to use it. One has to have dreams, I suppose.

  4. I bought a laptop I knew would be enough powerful to run Vista. I just thought it would be silly to buy a laptop with Vista preinstalled and then switch back to XP. And to be honest, I only wanted Vista because it's so pretty.

    I've been thinking about sharing my laptop with Ubuntu, simply because I miss terminal. I might be just a little bit too lazy to actually do so.