Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rebooting in Viiala

I got two days off from work so I traveled to Viiala to visit my parents. I took my laptop with me because they have WLAN nowadays. No more dial-up, hooray! It feels so good to be here. This is indeed in the middle of nowhere, but my family lives here. And it seems that the older and wiser I get the more this place feels like home and these people close to me.

I've been hitting flea markets with my mom. She's really good at finding awesome stuff and she usually finds awesome stuff for me too. Here are some of my latest finds:

This is a Kosmos tea mug by Arabia. I have three of them now. My mom also found me a nice Kosmos pan. I guess I have to learn how to make casseroles now. Behind the tea mug you can see a glimpse of my new tea cozy. It's really cute but I'm not sure if it fits my current tea pot.

I'm really liking the delicate flower patterns on the sides of this jar. I'm going to store some tea bags in it.

I used to hate this place when I was younger. But as soon as I moved out of here I found myself talking about this place with certain warmth in my voice. I grew up in here. I certainly didn't have a happy childhood but at least I got an amazing place to live in. All my friends have heard so much about this place that they probably think this is something peculiar. This is not. This is just a house. The only thing that makes this interesting is that I used to live here. Anyway. Here are some pictures from our front yard:

This place is pretty green, as you can see. By the way the red shed under the pines is our summer guest house.

Here is the house. It's big and white. And, oh, my sister is giving me the finger. With both of her hands. She simply doesn't like to get photographed. That's something we have in common.


  1. Kivan näkönen piha teillä. Ja koira. :D

  2. Hienoa. Onnistuin kaatamaan blogini kun yritin ladata kuvia sinne.

  3. Koira on muuten siskon. En tiiä missä se meikäläisen hurtta piileksii.

  4. No ilmankos sei näyttäny rumalta. :P