Thursday, April 17, 2008

What must be done

I have started to live my life in a different way. I feel as I've been given a second chance and I really want to do things right this time. I need to learn some independence and responsibility to grow as a person. One reason why I wanted to break up with Aleksi was that I felt as he was holding me back. Now it's time to prove that I can be something more than I was with him. And when I'm done, when I can finally take care of myself, I can start considering a new relationship.

Today I vacuumed my apartment for the second time ever. Last time I vacuumed I totally lost my nerve but now I was kinda enjoying myself. And I didn't even cheat! Strange things are happening here! And once I got started I also dusted, washed the dishes and some clothes too... I never thought that doing chores could be so addictive. Or maybe I'm just trying to keep myself busy so I won't notice how lonely I am.

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