Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New stuff

Aleksi officially moved out on Thursday so I'm living alone now. I have been reorganizing my stuff and redecorating... and of course cleaning every corner like crazy. I even took the carpet out to dust it. I think this place looks too tidy for my taste now but I try to keep it that way. It's better not to feel too homey since I have to move out within six months anyway.

I took some pictures to show off my new blogging environment. It's definitely a lot more inspiring now!

My lamp seems to be invisible. But it's there, the yellow circle in the middle.

Featuring my nerdy morning glasses.

These curtains turned out to be too short so I used my imagination.

Those who know me in real life probably have noticed that I always wear a scarf. I feel weird if I don't have anything around my neck. Like naked. Anyway. I've been looking for a scarf with a vintage flower pattern and finally my mom found me this second hand cutey:

This is exactly what I wanted... except I wanted it black.

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