Thursday, April 03, 2008

My bright moment

Finland is a bilingual country even though only about 5,5% of the population is actually speaking Swedish. That's odd, right? But I guess we Finns just like to honor our history or something. I really don't mind about the whole bilingual thing as long as I don't have to speak Swedish.

I have to use IBS Enterprise at work and for some reason its user interface is bilingual too. I think they just got really lazy when they were translating it. For example it might ask me in Finnish if I really want to close a tab but then I have to choose my answer between Swedish "JA" or "NEJ". So technically I'm forced to use Swedish every day and I have started to build some kind of strange attraction to it.

And today I even found myself thinking that I could study it more on my own time. But I wasn't really serious with the idea. It was like one of those ideas you never even try to carry out. You just play with them because they could made you sound so much smarter but aren't really you. Like when you think you should read more when you don't even like reading. Generally a good idea but not exactly realistic.

But I kept playing with this absurd idea of mine. Like how speaking Swedish could benefit me in my life. And then I went even further. I started to think how cool it could be if I could befriend with a Swedish Finn.

Wouldn't that be something?

And then I forgot the whole stupid thing.

Until like five minutes later.

When I remembered that I already have a friend who speaks fluent Swedish. Not that I've heard but that's what he says.

One goal achieved! Hooray!


  1. Sä kuulostat ihan uudesti syntyneeltä ihmiseltä. Tai mä vaan oon liian hiprakassa.

    Olin just siellä Shakespeare-kerhon kokoontumisessa. :D

  2. Hei kai siellä oli sellainen Dead Poets Society fiilis? :D

  3. Mun pitää kattoo se leffa ennen ku voin vastata. :)