Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Much ado about T

This morning at work our black cleaner saw me washing my mug. He asked me if I drink coffee but I said I only drink tea. He got all excited and asked me what tea I prefer. Since I hate speaking English (no one ever understands what I'm trying to say) I only said "black" with a big grin on my face. I guess he got the joke since he answered "You know what I like, I like white tea".

My tea closet was running out of good loose tea so yesterday I bought some more. I used to think that tea bags are more handy than loose tea, but it depends on how you make it. Tea bags are easier to use if the other choice is loose tea and a tea pot. But this is how I make loose tea:
1. I measure the right amount of water: about 5dl for two drinkers
2. I measure the right amout of loose tea: one tea spoon per 2dl and one extra.
3. I plug-in my tea maker:

And it couldn't get any easier. And the tea always tastes good. You just can't go wrong unless you measure the tea very wrongly... But let's just keep this long story short and move on. Please meet the new members of my tea closet family:

This is what you get to drink if you visit me

I have started to drink my tea without milk. I realized that as long as I drink my tea with milk and sugar it will taste like milk and sugar. And it's about time for me to grow up and start tasting the tea in my tea.

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  1. Toi on muuten jännä ku mä oon aina aatellu ettei kukaan suomalainen juo teetä maidon kanssa! Luulin et se tarttuu vaa jos käy briteissä...

    Mäkin luovuin vasta pari vuotta sitten sokerista/hunajasta. Nykyään tee maistuu jopa sellasenaan makealle! Ja aromeja osaa arvostaa ja erotella ihan eri lailla ilman mitään lisäkkeitä.

    Suosittelen muuten valkoista teetä. Se on vihreää teetäkin terveellisempää, ja se maistuu ehkä paremmalle jos vihreä ei oikeen men e alas.