Saturday, April 26, 2008

Any help with Asus LifeFrame?

Whoa. My Asus makes it so easy to show off my inner nerd. Just like that. Here is me, doing some code and looking happy:

OK. Seriously. Asus LifeFrame is quite handy. But where does it save my pictures and videos? There are some default folders in C:\ProgramData\ASUS\LifeFrame2\LifeFrame but it shows me no files?

EDIT: The files can be found on C:\ProgramData\ASUS\LifeFrame2\LifeFrame as Jordi pointed out. I got confused with ProgramData and ProgramFiles.


  1. Tosi söpö kuva. <3

    Onxun takana joku parvi vai mikä se on?

    Onnexi olkoon perheen lisäyxestä muuten. Eixiihen sit saa asennettua linuxia?

  2. Jotkut sanois tota keittiöks :) Ja kyllä se Linuxikin irtois, mutta niin kauan kun mulla on vieressä tuo Ubuntu-luuska niin yritän pärjäillä tän kanssa. Että jos alkaa toen teolla ärsyttämään tämän vistamaisuus niin aina voi vaihtaa siihen.

  3. Vista ftw!

    Heh, vakavasti ottaen on se vähän susi. Ei PC-valmistajat ole syyttä tarjonneet vaihtoehtoisena käyttiksenä XPtä Vistan sijaan...

  4. Hi,
    I've same program and the files are where you said
    Inside there are folders video image, etc where the files are stored

    I found another location:
    C:\Program Files\ASUS\LifeFrame2\LifeFrame
    There are the same folders but no files.

    By the way if you have multiple user accounts in a computer they share the same location

    bye bye!

  5. Thanks A LOT Jordi! I totally found my files!

  6. Thanks as HELL. I have been looking for that lokation for "ages" as u, I did not notice the "data" thingy :P

  7. Wow that's made my whole life a little bit easier! Thanks!

  8. woot thx helped me find my pics:)

  9. hi,my name is elisa ,first of all thanks for having this page, your great!I need help with my webcam it's not working, every time I click on the icon lifeframe then appears a box saying ,tha camera is used by another program ,besides I have messenger and when I try to use camera it just doesn't work,someone toldme to unisntall the software and install it again,but I think I just need to configure and I really don't know what to do! please If you could help me.Thanks a lot.

  10. I'm really sorry, but I don't know how to help you. I'm not expert on webcams :(

  11. does anyone have an idea as to how you can get lifeframe to save into a different location?

    Mine saves it here:

    But i really want to be able to save it to my pictures folders.
    Also it doesnt seem to have a very large settings selection. (im a settings girl - i love my tweaks)

    any ideas?

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  14. Thanks so much - it was driving me crazy trying to find this location!

    Plus, it's good that you can embrace being a nerd rather than being ashamed of it. There's nothing I like more than a good, hard, coding session!