Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vista is not Ubuntu but it will do if I just bite my lip

I have used Windows Vista for few days now and I'm finally starting to get used to this. Though there's not much good I could say about this except this is pretty indeed. I just keep comparing this to Ubuntu even though I know it only makes me frustrated.

It's Ubuntu's desktop functionality I miss most. All the applications are easily replaced but that's something Vista simply doesn't offer. I was actively using different workspaces for different tasks as I often also rearranged my windows if I happened to open them in illogical order. And do I have to mention that I miss my upper panel like crazy? Now everything is just crammed down there and it's so not nice.

Couldn't they just crossbreed Vista and Ubuntu. I would totally appreciate Windows OS with some serious Linux flexibility.

Someone asked for the specs:

17.1" WXGA+ Glare
Intel Core 2 Duo T8300
NVIDIA 9500M GS 256Mb
3Gb DDR2

And by the way this is Asus A7SN.

Yesterday I took this to Aleksi's place so we could set up LAN and transfer my files from his PC to me. It took all night to install all my programs and getting my music and movies but it was worth the waiting. Now this feels like mine and I can actually do things with this. Before my own stuff this was just an empty shell with zero personality.


  1. Mun mielestä parasta Vistassa on se "Näytä työpöytä" painike alapalkissa. Se sulkee kätevästi kaikki muut ikkunat ja vie työpöydälle. Okei, saman ois voinut varmaan itse väsätä pikakuvakkeella jo XP:ssäkin, mutta hyvä että tällainen on vakiona.

    Huonointa Vistassa on se, että kaikki ohjelmat mitkä toimi XP:llä, ei toimi Vistalla. Siinä ei oo mitään järkeä, aina pitäisi olla tuki alaspäin, sehän ois itsestäänselvyys!

  2. Ai niin mä olin ihan jo unohtanut ettei tuo "näytä työpöytä" ole mikään oletus. Kun mulla on aina ollut sellainen namiska, ekasta XP:stä Ubuntun kautta tuohon Vistaan :P

  3. Hey Amoena,
    I'm also using Ubuntu 8.04 and am using an ASUS laptop as well. I was wondering if you notice that the webcam gets extremely hot when using Ubuntu. This does not happen to me in WindowsXP so I was just wondering if you knew anything about this issue. I've googled like a maniac and have not found a solution yet. Thanks :)