Friday, April 18, 2008

Moral issues

Sometimes I'm ashamed of my low moral. I wonder if my parents ever taught me any morality at all. I do know what is right and what is wrong. But I have no problems with choosing the wrong way if it benefits me and it's not like seriously illegal.

For example if there's an opened pack of cookies. They're not mine but I definitely want one. And I let myself to take one if I know it won't do any harm and that no one will ever even notice. I know it's not exactly right but I don't think it is wrong either.

But I rather have low moral than super moral.

I used to study in a school where you had to buy copy cards to make copies. Those cards were quite expensive as they were also a necessity. Teachers obviously had to make copies too, but they get their copy cards for free. Teacher's copy cards looked different so you couldn't mix those two.

Once my friend found a teacher's copy card but she had another friend with her. And this friend said that she can't take it. Because it would be stealing. Let's rewind: A teacher looses his copy card he had got for free. He can get a new one whenever he wants. For free. So is it wrong to take it?

If you think it is then you have what I call as a super moral. And it's annoying! To my friend´s luck I happen to meet her when she was still holding the card and I encouraged her to keep it. She instantly saved like 100 euros so you can imagine how happy she was.

I think it's perfectly OK to have a high moral. But if it's like sky high it can get really ridiculous.

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  1. Mullakin on vähän sellanen liukuva moraali. En todellakaan ottais rahaa löytämästäni lompakosta vaan palauttaisin sen omistajalle. Mut sit joku tollanen jossa omistaja ei menetä mitään...

    Ja sit sekin et onko oikein imuttaa musiikkia koska se riistää sun lempiartistia. Jotkut on kaks vuotta studiossa ja sit ku levy ilmestyy ni puolet ihmisistä vaan imuttaa. Kyllä mua vituttais, mut silti vaan imuttelen aina.

    Mun äiti on ehkä välillä pettynyt kun selitän sille et mun mielestä valkoiset valheet on ok ja omaa mielipidettä ei aina tarvii sanoa ääneen. Mut se kerto et se on ite joskus pöllinyt sen kämppiksen sopasta nälkäisenä perunoita ku sillä oli jämiä jääkaapissa. :D