Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Spontaneous Ideas Hearts Extrovert

Last week I wrote a report for school. Our team's subject was "the Future of the Internet" and my job was to write about web 2.0, semantic web and some shit about browsers and standardization. And I'm not pleased how it turned out. I could have done better! But my team wasn't very motivated and it made me less motivated too. I had higher goal first but then it eventually lowed to passing the course. I know that I shouldn't have let my team mates to affect me... but I can't help the fact I'm generally lazy.

I remember writing earlier on my blog that I don't like team working. Well, I have changed my mind. I guess Laurea (that's my school) has brainwashed me by its fancy LbD. LbD stands for "learning by developing" and it basically means that we are supposed to learn by doing real things together. They are encouraging us to be authentic, experimental and creative. And that suits me: according to BBC's personality test, I'm an "innovator".

And innovators are "fun-loving, creative, sensitive people who enjoy developing their ideas by discussing them with others". They support the people around them, easily spot opportunities and recognize hidden potential in people. And get excited about new projects. I know it's just a silly test, but I think the result it gave me really sounds like me. (And I would totally like to hear what's your personality type!)

Since I have already babbled so much about school, I guess I can continue with the subject. So, today we had a router exercise at Data Network Architecture course. We had to configure Cisco router and make static and dynamic routings. I have no idea what that means, but I had fun while doing it. We had to use command-line interface, and I've liked that ever since my Ubuntu experiments. Pointing and clicking is just so boring compared to typing and executing commands. And in my opinion Cisco IOS was quite easy to operate and to understand.

By the way, my school year is coming to an end soon: Tomorrow and next Tuesday I have some presentations to give and some opposing to do. No big deal. And next week I have Swedish and Data Network Architecture exams. Then it's pretty much over. I have survived my first academic year at Laurea university of applied sciences. Hooray!


  1. Onnittelut menestyksekkäästä opintosyksystä, siis!

    Mä oon kanssa "innovator". Aattelin, että tossa ois just joku 4 vaihtoehtoa, mutta niitähän olikin ihan 16.

  2. Mä tykkäsin kun innovaattoreiden kohdalla oli boksi, että:

    Innovators are most likely to say they do their best work when they start at the last minute, according to a UK survey.

    Mustakin välillä tuntuu siltä, että parhaat jutut syntyy ihan viime minuutilla :P

  3. Parhaat, huonoimmat... ylipäätään kaikki jutut.